Frequently Asked Questions

How does the floating music player works?

For the best music listening experience we use our flagship floating music player, which does not require YouTube app. This floating player can be docked anywhere on the screen while you continue to use another app. Minimize player to the bottom right of the screen, or move the player to any location by dragging around

Why can't I play music when screen is locked?

It is against YouTube's policy to play music video while the screen is locked. Unfortunately we don;t allow music playback when the screen is loacked. If you have any question, please email us, charanastudios '@' gmail (dot) com

How do I change the video player?

By default we use our flagship floating player. However you may choose to also use the native YouTube player, which can be changed from the "Settings". This however will require YouTube application to be installed for music playback. But if our application detect that YouTube is not instaled, it'll automatically default to the floating player.

How often is the playlist updated?

We carefully curate and update the playlist regularly. For example, the top, trending & viral playlist are updated daily while some other playlists are updated weekly

Can I restore my saved playlist or favorites to another device?

Yes, your favorites and playlist are saved to your user account. You can restore them anytime to another device when you login with the same account

Does the player shows YouTube advertisement?

Yes, the advertisement is controlled by YouTube and from time to time you may see the regular YouTube advertisement while playing music videos, which we do not have any contol